Custom and Corporate Embroidery

Custom and Corporate Embroidery by Carma Creations.

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, the significance of brand awareness and Custom and Corporate Embroidery identity cannot be overstated. With the huge importance being placed on corporate branding and the branding of promotional products, the value of Custom and Corporate Embroidery and monograms has never been greater. Having your logo or artwork embroidered on your clothing or products creates a positive and professional image, one that most companies are keen to foster.

Custom and Corporate Embroidery

The ancient art of Custom and Corporate Embroidery.

The ancient art of Custom and Corporate Embroidery has been taken to new heights with the latest technology producing the highest level of embroidery machines, digitised with embroidery software. Most Custom and Corporate Embroidery companies today create the designs for you and/ or digitise your embroidery designs.

Custom and Corporate Embroidery is a high quality, permanent method of branding and identifying a product, person or organization and can be used on a wide range of garments or fabrics. Of the many benefits of using embroidered logos, one of the most important is that it is colour fast and can withstand commercial laundering and hard wearing conditions. Other bonuses include the almost unlimited choice of patterns and designs and the enormous selection of colours and sizes.

Custom and Corporate Embroidery insignia.

Embroidering your logo or insignia on your corporate apparel gives you that competitive edge and a well-embroidered logo will make you stand out from the crowd. Think bags, caps, gift wear, team gear, polo shirts, t-shirts, work wear and hospitality uniforms. Computerised, high-speed machinery delivers today’s complex embroidery requirements throughout the corporate world and, as we all know – the most important aspect of a company’s marketing strategy is its branding.

Custom and Corporate Embroidery

Branding means a logo and your logo should be memorable and eye-catching. You need your logo to be enduring, which brings us back to the permanent and colour fast qualities of embroidery. When considering the importance of branding your company, remember that your logo tells your audience all about what you and your business have to offer. A well-designed, professionally embroidered logo distinguishes your corporate branding, representing you and your company.

This is why custom and corporate embroidery insignia is as important to us as it is to your company.


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